The kids and teens involved in our programs are often times surrounded by all the wrong choices. We are fighting everyday to show them the right choices, and teach them they have a choice to be anyone they want to be in this world through hard work and determination. The youth involved in our programs benefit from equipment, training, coaches, playing fields/gyms, and a community of support and guidance by college and professional athletes.

However, there are expectations, and those expectations come in the form of a simple agreement. We expect all individuals to maintain attendance in school, exceed passing standards in school work, and to participate in one or more of our various community service projects. We work with the kids and their parent(s), guardians and caregivers to ensure success. It is our mission to never have a kid in one of our programs simply slip through the crack. We want to teach everyone in our programs in order to grow in your lives, it is absolutely essential to pay it forward. The only way to do so is by the whole package.

Currently, our sole source of funding is through our Annual Basketball Tournaments held in the Central Texas region benefiting teams and kids all over our state. If your company or you are interested in helping with our organization, through volunteer work or monetary donations, please contact Terrance Simms.

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Terrance Simms

Vice President/Facility Operations Director:
Milton Dunn