Opp.Sports Baseball

Opp.Sports Baseball Club is a DEVELOPMENTAL program that offers a well structured and competitive program for all our players. We understand development has many layers to it. Competing is what we want our athletes to thrive on. We will educate our parents and players that fundamentals, quality reps, hard work, and an eagerness to want to get better are key.

Opp.Sports key to developmental philosophy is the individual player. Every player from Tee-Ball, All Stars, High School, Collegiate to the Major Leagues, should have a developmental approach to their season. While MLB players have one or two things to improve, it is no different than the approach we take with our players. At Opp.Sports we have the coaching experience to take select ready players and help accelerate their skills, but also the patience to take the top recreational players and start them on a path to compete with the select players of their peers.

At Opp.Sports the youth program has two priorities, the first being to develop your player, focusing during the week on hitting fundamentals, pitching mechanics, and fielding work. The second is to put each player in the best position to compete.

It’s expectation in our 10u-17u programs, players will be prepared with the experience to play at the next level of baseball by learning a mental approach to the game, fundamentals, and how to respect the game and our opponents.

Opp.Sports Baseball fee will include: all tournament fee, coaching fee, coaches’ per diems on out of town travel, insurance, field practices, and strength and conditioning. Uniform fees are separate and just a one time payment for the year.

Practices at Opp.Sports are structured to get the most out of the players, instructing with game speed movements, helping players understand the details of the game necessary to compete at a high level, and develop lifelong qualities such as teamwork, discipline, responsibility and leadership.

Opp.Sports Performance Center:

  • Indoor batting cage
  • 1,500sq.ft Weight Area
  • 2,500sq.ft Indoor Turf Field

Coming Soon:

  • Outdoor Bullpen Mounds
  • Outdoor Batting Cages
Non-Member: Opp. Sports Member:
30-Minutes Private Lesson $2000 FREE*
1-Hour Private Lesson $5500 FREE*
30-Minutes Cage Rental $1500 FREE*
1-Hour Cage Rental $2500 FREE*
30-Minutes Turf Field Rental $3000 FREE*
1-Hour Turf Field Rental $6000 FREE*
Batting and Hitting Lessons $75.00 FREE*
Pitching Lessons $75.00 FREE*
Camps and Clinics Full Price  20% OFF
Individual Membership Pricing:




Sibling Membership: $10 each

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Memberships are for INDIVIDUAL use only.

team spirit
2 Players/30 Minutes $25 Per Player
2 Players/60 Minutes $35 Per Player
3 Players/60 Minutes $25 Per Player

In-Season Facility Fee

Opp. Sports Baseball Dues

Opp.Sports staff and coaches have coached or played Professionally/Collegiate Baseball at some level. We will hold rosters of 12 players, for age 10U -17U programS.

Opp.Sports will have the luxury of unique state of the art performance training complex where all our athletes and players will receive exclusive training programs in-season and during the off-season to ensure our players are performing at a competitive level. Where several MLB players call home and conduct their offseason training as well with their quality coaches and trainers.

Thank you for your interest and support of Opp.Sports Baseball.