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NFL FLAG is the premier youth football league for boys and girls ages 4-17. The program provides young players a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in non-contact, continuous action while learning lessons in teamwork. Opportunity Sports is a local NFL League that offers fall, winter and spring season flag football in North/South Austin area since 2011. Launched in 1996, the FLAG Football program is designed to educate young people about football while emphasizing participation and sportsmanship. Players learn skills and lessons that help them succeed both on and off the field.

The game is 5 on 5 flag football that teaches the basic skills of football running, passing, receiving, and defending. Games involve non-contact rules that eliminate all forms of blocking and tackling. The program is played on a 50-yard playing field where participants may run or pass the ball. Teams start at their 5-yard line and have three downs to move the ball past midfield. Once a team has crossed midfield they receive a new set of three downs to score.

One exciting aspect of the program is the equipment…all players get actual NFL team flag football jerseys (Players get to keep the jersey). Teams play a complete season, all teams make the playoff tournament, and everyone gets a trophy. All players get a NFL reversible jersey to keep!

nfl flag
The refining fire by which talent becomes ability.Roy L. Smith

Practice & Games

Teams practice once per week for up to 90 minutes and play games on Saturdays for 6 weeks. All teams make the playoffs held on week 7 (teams may play more than one game during playoff tournament). All teams get a trophy with the winning teams crowned Super Bowl Champions. Opportunity Sports sponsors a postseason Tournament which is optional but gives teams an opportunity to play extra games. The NFL also offers Regional Tournaments, with winning teams advancing to nationals.

Team Registration Information

Players can Request to play with friends or bring a whole team. Team Registration requires minimum of 9 players and team fee of $950 or risk league adding players (Team pays $95 each for roster exceeding 10).

Teams separated by grade:

Pre K – K
1st – 2nd Grade
3rd – 4th Grade
5th – 6th Grade
7th – 9th Grade
10th – 12th Grade
NFL Peewee
NFL Junior
NFL Junior
NFL Junior
High School


I would absolutely recommend Opp. Sports. I say this and I do not say it lightly, I think they are one the best in the youth sports field.John Smith, Coach

Such a great service is rare to find! Opp. Sports has really exceeded my expectations. Thank you!Anna Croft, Parent

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